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Why Coffee Lovers are Flocking to Drip Coffee

Despite the variety of caffeine options, many coffee lovers continue to flock to the always dependable, ever faithful, drip coffee. The love that American society has for drip coffee is undeniable. You’ll find drip coffee in suburban kitchens, cozy coffee shops, beaten and busy office spaces.

But what makes a good ‘ole cup of Joe so popular? Why has this type of coffee brew maintained its popularity, even when faced with exciting innovations in the world of coffee?

Ease. Drip coffee is convenient and easy to access for most people. It is brewed by pouring hot water over coffee grounds that are held in a filter. Gravity then drives the brewing process by pulling the water down through the grounds. An anxious coffee drinker can expect to have a steaming pot of coffee ready in approximately five minutes with very little effort involved. It’s a simple and reliable brewing method that gets the job done.

Flavor. Drip coffee allows for nuanced flavors that aren’t always present in coffee brewed by other methods. For certain coffee beans that come from particular geographic locations, drip coffee is the best way to experience the natural flavors. Brewers can also infuse coffee grounds with flavors and aromas to create delectable flavored coffees. Drip coffee is usually lighter bodied than other coffee brews, and some palates find it easier to drink.

Caffeine. If you’re looking for a caffeine kick, your best bet may be drip coffee. It’s a common misconception that a shot of espresso contains more caffeine than a cup of coffee. It’s true that 1 ounce of espresso contains more caffeine than 1 ounce of drip coffee. However, espresso is usually consumed in 1 to 2-ounce increments, while drip coffee is usually found in serving sizes of 8 to 16 ounces. If you order a double shot of espresso, you can expect around 80 mg of caffeine. If you order a 12-ounce mug of drip coffee, you’ll get approximately 120 mg of caffeine.

Nostalgia. For many Americans, drip coffee is what the word coffee truly represents. It can be fun to experiment with espresso drinks, French press, and alternate brewing methods, but drip brew coffee is a comforting and familiar staple. Drip coffee represents rolling out of bed and putting on a pot of coffee to start the day. It represents curling up on the couch with a mug and a good book. For many people, a love-affair with coffee began with a cup of drip coffee.

If you are one of the coffee lovers that flock to drip coffee, you’re not alone. If you’ve somehow missed this particular obsession, it’s time to jump on board. Join us at Caffe Strega, at one of our convenient locations in Boston, MA. Grab a cup of drip coffee and a scone! We have tasty lunch options including the Caprese, ham & cheese sandwiches, spinach salad and more. If you’re an early riser, join us for breakfast. Whether you’re craving a savory dish like the spinach & feta croissant, or a sweet treat, we have you covered.

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