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Surprising Ways to Add Extra Flavor to Your Coffee

We know coffee purists exist, advocating for black coffee. There’s no denying that adding extra ingredients to your cup of joe to provide a fun change to your regular coffee routine. We’re talking more than cream and sugar. At Caffe Strega, we have some of the best additions to give your coffee cup the extra flavor kick. 


Let’s Get Spicy 



Cinnamon is one of the easiest ways to add the right spice to the cup of joe in the mornings. Throw in a cinnamon stick to your pot as you brew your coffee, stick it in your drink, sprinkle some grounds in your cup or over latte foam.



Craving an earthy kick? Nutmeg adds in earthiness with just a hint of sweetness. Adding it to your foam to your latte makes it even more delicious. 



Middle Easterners use cardamom with coffee but why not bring it over to the west. Cardamom will give your coffee an exotic taste.


Cocoa Nibs 

Cocoa nibs are not the same store chocolate you buy in chocolate. Cocoa nibs are small chunks that are processed into chocolate. These dried, fermented bits of beans are crunchy with a small chew with a nutty taste, less creamy version of a piece of dark chocolate. 


Vanilla Extract 

Sweeten your coffee with things other than sugar or processed creamers. Try adding drops of pure vanilla extract. For an even different taste, you can also try adding in almond extract.


Coconut Milk 

 What about trying dairy-free living? Make your coffee with coconut milk. It provides an interesting alternative to whole or skim milk. Mix it with vanilla extract for even more of taste.



 You read correctly, butter in your coffee. A buttery morning drink will boost your energy. All it takes to flavor your cup of joe using is adding 1 or 2 teaspoons of some organic butter to your steaming hot cup of Joe and you will end up with a smooth cup of rich texture and a truly unique buttery depth.


Ice Cream

Ice cream seems to go well with almost anything, especially coffee. Scoop up some ice cream and have it float on top of your cup of coffee? Why not. Make it easier and add in coffee ice cream. This will turn your coffee into a wonderful dessert.



Alcohol in your coffee first thing in the morning doesn’t sound the best, but everyone knows adding alcohol to coffee is nothing new. You might know it up to Irish coffee. Bailey’s, Voistilled liquor like vodka. Some people also refer to this as Irish Coffee. Whatever you call it, there’s no denying that a spiked cup of coffee is sure to put the best spin to your coffee. 


Give your boring old coffee routine a rest and try spicing up your coffee to take advantage of the unique flavor additives have to offer. Come out and be social by the coffee bar, or find a cozy nook in our window-side seating area. We invite you to taste our freshly brewed coffee at Caffe Strega!

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