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Red mug with hot chocolate with melted marshmallow snowman

Six Delicious Spins On Hot Cocoa

A piping cup of hot chocolate is a nostalgic favorite, but try changing the classic and bring your hot cocoa to new exciting levels. Winter is almost over so now is the time to take advantage of curling up with a cup of hot chocolate. 


Spiked Hot Chocolate


Sometimes the classic tastes of hot cocoa are even better with adult fun! This is truly how anyone should indulge in the winter! Spiked Hot Chocolate is the perfect way to indulge during the winter season. Add a little warm brandy or some tequila, and you’ve got the perfect cup of cocoa. 


Nutella Hot Chocalate 


Nutella lovers this one is for you! The only form of chocolate that can arguably rival hot cocoa is Nutella. Mix your favorite warm drink with your favorite chocolate hazelnut spread, and seriously what could be better? This is easily made to be the best hot chocolate ever made. This cup is frrothy, warm, cozy, nutellery, chocolatey and very creamy. Trust and believe this is a quick cup of heaven! 


Unicorn Hot Chocolate 


You and your kids are going to go nuts for this! Even your inner child would go nuts for this kind of hot cocoa! A magical pastel rainbow of color, fluffy mini marshmallows, and a warm and creamy white chocolate. 


Hot Chocolate Donut


Have you had hot chocolate with your donut? Maybe get fancy and put it in your donut? People love  Caffe Strega’s hot cocoa, so spice it up with a donut! 


Matcha Hot Chocolate


Matcha is meant to be paired with something sweet so it works beautifully with hot chocolate. This green tea and hot chocolate drink is made even better with toasted marshmallows. Matcha is powdered green tea that is filled with antioxidants and several health benefits and helps to boost your metabolism. You typically find matcha in lattes, cookies, or ice cream, but now try it in matcha hot chocolate.


The Red Velvet Hot Chocolate 


Red velvet lovers, this cup of hot chocolate is for you! Your go-to favorite cake in hot chocolate! Don’t forget cream cheese whipped cream! t’s the perfect mix of creamy and luxurious. Rich and full of flavor it is a hit with children and adults.


Hot cocoa is perfect for getting cozy, these recipes are sure to warm you up this winter and brighten up your day. There’s nothing better than drinking hot chocolate with mini marshmallows from your favorite mug, and snacking on your favorite treats alongside your delicious cup. If you needed a reason to grab a blanket, turn on a movie, and drink hot chocolate today come on in Caffe Strega and snuggle up with your favorite go-to cup!

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