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nitro cold brew

Nitro Cold Brew is Growing in Popularity

When nitrogen is infused into cold brew coffee, the product is a foamy and delicious caffeinated beverage – Nitro Cold Brew.

People often compare nitro cold brew to Guinness, as it is kegged and poured like a stout. As Nitrogen is the core component to this type of coffee, it also creates both a rich taste and smooth texture. Even when it’s served black, nitro cold brew is sweeter than traditional coffee and rarely do you need to add milk or sugar.
In most coffee shops, the cold brew is stored in a keg, it’s pressurized and later poured from a tap. The end result? A velvety, caffeinated refreshment.

Nitro cold brew is also filled with antioxidants which means your body is protected against free radical damage. Some of these antioxidants are affiliated with cholesterol-balancing effects.
Due to nitro cold brew’s silky and rich taste, it is usually served without milk and sugar, so there is no reason to worry about extra calories.

In fact, after working out, drinking nitro cold brew will increase post-exercise energy expenditures. This means that your body will continue to burn calories once your body is cooling down. Blood flow is increased to the brain to improve cognitive function.

Nitro cold brew has become exponentially popular among coffee shop goers. Nitro cold brew was once a drink that you could only purchase from the keg of a boutique coffee shop. However, now it is packaged in bottles and served nationwide. Even fitness studios are capitalizing on this trend and serving nitro cold brew on tap!
Come to Caffé Strega for Nitro Cold Brew

Our nitro cold brew is infused with nitrogen gas, kegged like beer, and served on draft. If you want some caffeine before hitting the books or heading to work, visit one of our locations!

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