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Cup of coffee latte

How To Make A Social Distancing Latte?

While the global pandemic is at its very peak, there are plenty of cities in Massachusetts that are contemplating coming back to normalcy. Some cities more than others are planning to restart their fast-paced life, bit by bit. While it is definitely reassuring for many if they are seeing their cities coming back to normal but all will not be the same. Social distancing is still to be maintained at all costs.  This is a great time to build the foundation for a new coffee routine. Try and channel your favorite Caffe Strega barista – at home. Those tasty coffees you bought during the workday going to have to be made at home – even if you don’t have any fancy machinery. This is the perfect time to step up your coffee game.


As a Bostonian we know you love your iced coffee no matter what the weather, but the latte is perfect  for quarantine. Sit inside on the couch watching your favorite show with a hot, frothy latte or cappuccino. Bring this Caffe Strega treat. Even without an espresso machine, a milk frother, or other toys of the trade, you can make a pretty decent latte at home — and yes, it will have a beautiful cap of foam.

To Make One Drink

What Ingredients Do I Need?

  • Espresso or strongly brewed coffee from an Aeropress
  • 2% or nonfat milk
  • Cocoa powder, to garnish

How Do I Make It?

  1. Make your espresso or strongly brewed coffee: Any strongly brewed espresso from a home espresso maker or a capsule machine will do. Or use strongly brewed coffee from an Aeropress, not diluted with any water.

  2. Froth the milk: Pour milk into the jar. Fill no more than halfway. Screw the lid on tightly, and shake the jar as hard as you can until the milk is frothy and has roughly doubled in volume.

  3. Microwave the milk: Take the lid off the jar and microwave uncovered for 30 seconds. The foam will rise to the top of the milk and the heat from the microwave will help stabilize it.

  4. Pour warm milk into the espresso: Pour the espresso or coffee into a wide, shallow coffee cup. Use a large spoon to hold back the milk foam, and pour as much warm milk as you would like into the espresso.

  5. Add foam: Spoon as much milk foam as you would like onto your latte. Garnish, if desired, with a sprinkle of cocoa powder or nutmeg on top of the foam. Enjoy!


How To Flavor the Latte?

 If you want a sweetened or flavored latte, stir in some syrup with the warm milk, before adding the foam.

At the end of the day, you should enjoy the latte the way you best see fit. One day we will all be back to sipping Strega Coffee before we know it

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