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Coffee Is Good For Your Bones

Ah, coffee—the beverage that makes our world go around. This simple brew has been shown to not only increase longevity and enhance exercise performance but also reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and fight cancer. Most recently you can now add increased bone strength to the list. Step aside, milk, there’s a new osteo-hero in town, and its name is coffee.


Researchers from the University of Hong Kong found that coffee lovers tend to have stronger bones than non-coffee drinkers. They found a robust association between habitual coffee consumption and the prevention of bone fractures in later life. The results are both surprising and significant because they counter to decades of prior findings on the subject of coffee and bone health. They used to argue that coffee may adversely affect bone density and lead to osteoporosis, given the negative effect of caffeine on calcium absorption.

What Was The Verdict?

Researchers assayed the bone mineral density of 564 Chinese adults enrolled in an osteoporosis study, separating the coffee drinkers from the abstainers. After  they compared the two groups, the researchers found coffee drinkers to have a “significantly higher bone mineral density, specifically identifying three molecules AFMU, 3-hydroxyhippurate, and trigonelline—that were associated with both coffee consumption and strong bones that were less likely to fracture.


Were you wondering how your morning cup could get any better? Your morning coffee routine got more sustainable!  Remember to choose the right coffee beans when it comes to being as eco-friendly as possible! here’s no denying that adding extra ingredients to your cup of joe to provide a fun change to your regular coffee routine. We’re talking more than cream and sugar. At Caffe Strega, we have some of the best additions to give your coffee cup the extra flavor kick. If you’re reading this, you no doubt already drink a fair amount of coffee, so there’s really no reason to tell you to consume more. Coffee is already in your bones, which as it turns out, is a good thing! So, before you pick up that next cup o’ joe,  you know the pros of coffee, and remember—everything in moderation.


When you get out of quarantine, tip your barista extra. We miss you at Caffe Strega!  With more time to master barista skills, create our favorite Caffe Strega coffee trends during COVID-19 pandemic. Trust us we miss you! Innovate at home and you will be back to drinking your favorite Caffe Strega blend before you know it!


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