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Coffee Increases Perception Of Sweetness

Do you think coffee tastes bitter? What about espresso does it have a bitter taste? Most everyday coffee drinkers—not those of us swimming in the depths of coffee’s deep end—would likely say that yes, it is in fact bitter.  A new study suggests that it is these bitter characteristics in coffee that can enhance a person’s ability to perceive sweetness as well as inhibit bitterness. The study evaluated more than 150 coffee drinkers to determine the beverage’s impact on how things taste and smell. Your cup of coffee should be a burst of good flavor, not an overpowering dose of bitterness. So why does it end up bitter?

Should Coffee Be Bitter?

While bitterness can play a role in a good cup of coffee, if you drink a really good cup, you’ll find that that bitterness is far from the dominant taste. Instead, you get a variety of flavors, from floral to spice notes to chocolate notes. There’s an entire flavor wheel dedicated to describing good coffee.

What Happened with The Study?

The study tasked total people with drinking coffee of both caffeinated and decaffeinated varieties. The participants had their senses of taste and smell tested both before and then again after they drank coffee, and while it wasn’t found to have an impact on smell, the coffee was found to change taste perception.

Regardless of whether it was caffeinated, coffee increased the participants’ ability to taste the sweetness in sweetened foods, which means that it makes sweet foods taste sweeter. This is probably why coffee has been popularly associated with chocolate, sweet bread, and pastries.

The bitterness of coffee increases the perception of sweetness and decreases the perception of bitterness. When you eat something similarly bitter, that aspect of the flavor profile is muted by the coffee, ultimately enhancing the sweet flavor aspect of it.

Coffee is so much more than a beverage — it’s a community. Maybe you’re a novice whose infatuation is rapidly turning into something more serious. Or maybe you’re a connoisseur with a thirst for more knowledge of your beloved cup of joe. We all like a beverage we can really feel good about. Trust us we miss you! Innovate at home and you will be back to drinking your favorite Caffe Strega blend before you know it! One day we will all be back to sipping Strega Coffee before we know it.



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