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Coffee Guide To Kickstart Your Weekend

It’s Friday. We did it, y’all, we made it to yet another weekend mostly unscathed by work and entirely unexploded. It’s time to start thinking about the weekend and what it will have in store. For some, this means getting out into the new social distanced world, seeing new sights on your walk, and trying a new summer dinner spot. Even as the world has all but shut down over the past few months, innovation never takes a day off. This is certainly true of the coffee industry. Whatever the weekend holds for you, there’s a coffee guide to help you, well, kickstart it.

Add Extra Flavor To Your Coffee

Give your boring old coffee routine a rest and try spicing up your coffee to take advantage of the unique flavor additives have to offer. We’re talking more than cream and sugar.

  • Cinnamon is one of the easiest ways to add the right spice to the cup of joe in the mornings. Throw in a cinnamon stick to your pot as you brew your coffee, stick it in your drink, sprinkle some grounds in your cup or over latte foam.
  • Nutmeg will quench your craving for an earthy kick. Nutmeg adds in earthiness with just a small hint of sweetness.
  • Ice cream goes well with anything, including coffee. Scoop up some of your favorite ice cream and have it float on top of your cup of coffee?
  • Adding alcohol to coffee is nothing new. You might know it up to Irish coffee. Bailey’s or vodka is the best way to go. Some people also refer to this as Irish Coffee.


Cold Brew Or Nitro Brew?

Nitro cold brews are on their way to replacing iced coffees. They are the newest trend popping up in coffee shops across the country. Nitro cold brews are cold brews infused with nitrogen. Nitrogen is a colorless, odorless gas with smaller bubbles than carbon dioxide. These tiny bubbles have a hard time dissolving, which gives the coffee a thick, heavy feel. Nitro cold brews are commonly compared to foamy, thick draft beers. Iced coffees and cold brews are both cold versions of coffee, but there are major differences between the two. They taste completely different because they are created with different methods. Iced coffees are traditionally made by pouring hot coffee over ice. To make cold brew, coffee grounds come in direct contact with water that is either room temperature or cold for twelve to twenty-four hours. Once the coffee grounds have finished soaking, the product can be mixed with more water to create a cold brew. Unlike iced coffee, hot water is never used to create cold brews, which means the end product is less acidic and less bitter. Cold brews also tend to contain more caffeine, which means you can drink a smaller amount and will still get enough kick to make it through your workday without a yawn.


For many, coffee and the workweek go hand in hand, but what about on the weekends? While some may use their days off to unwind, others may finally get their coffee treats.  Jazz up your weekend with Caffe Strega tips.

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