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Breakfast Recipes For Busy Mornings

There is a land beyond store-bought cereal, boring toast, and granola bars is a world of tasty breakfast foods that can give you the best start to your day. We’ve all heard that line about breakfast being the most important meal of the day. We could rattle off nutritional statistics, but the plain and simple of it is: Breakfast is often the best—and easiest—time to get the healthy stuff in.  These easy recipes—will give you the boost of energy you need to get through the day without spending all morning preparing it. Most people are physically unmotivated to make breakfast, but we are here to change it! Weekday mornings can be rough, but let’s make it better.


Ham & Cheese Croissant

The duo of ham and cheese makes regular appearances during breakfast in numerous parts of the world. Ham a truly exceptional typical stand-in, giving a huge blast of umami to create a truly satisfying breakfast sandwich. There’s a bit more nuance to be accounted for when ham and cheese is accompanied by a croissant. Indulge in some of the richness of the cheese and ham.

Spinach & Feta Croissant

All it takes is a flaky, buttery croissant to make the best of any breakfast sandwich. To take the classic cheese breakfast sandwich from basic to brilliant. The perfect soft center and the draws of all the buttery goodness from their flaky shells, crisping them up for the perfect crunchy bite. Few combinations are better than spinach and feta. The wilted greens are mixed with briny feta for just the right balance of fresh and rich flavors. It’s the MVP of combinations and just as satisfying on top of toast a croissant.


Bacon and Cheese Quiche

There’s something about a quiche specifically designed for the morning hours that’s particularly satisfying to sit down to. This quiche is a riff on a classic bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. A flaky, buttery crust stands in for the bagel or English muffin. Enjoy salty bites of bacon and gooey pockets of melted cheese in every bite, and the eggs are whisked with dairy to create the custardy filling.


Breakfast Sandwich Bacon or Sandwich

Sometimes known as the quintessential hangover sandwich.  No matter what you dream of eating in the morning, the safest way to go is a breakfast sandwich. A nice toasted sandwich with a filling consisted of soft, fluffy eggs, melty cheese, and a creamy spread. There are always ways to change the flavor, whether you’re switching up the ingredients or slightly changing the method.


Fresh Fruit Yogurt Parfait

This pretty, delicate breakfast that’s perfectly-balanced with creamy yogurt, toasty, crunchy, and sweet flavors. It’s a great source of complete protein and amino acids. Fresh berries are their peak right now. Eat your weight in them.  Enjoy your parfait as a sweet yet wholesome treat to start the day.


Does time seem to slip through your fingers first thing in the morning? If you’ve got a hectic household, you know the CRAZINESS  ensues every morning. At Caffe Strega, we are here to help to make your morning and breakfast easier.

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