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Answers to Commonly Asked Coffee Questions

Millions of people in the United States start every day with a cup of coffee. Few, though, take the time to really think about the coffee they’re consuming. How much do you really know about coffee beans and the process they go through to become the delicious brew you drink on a daily basis? If your answer is, “Not much,” you’re in the right place.

As you look through the rest of this article, you will see several common questions and answers that pertain to coffee. When you reach the end, you should have a better understanding of this beverage that makes each morning a little bit better.

Is espresso a type of coffee or another drink altogether?

Yes, espresso is coffee! Although any type of coffee bean can be used to make espresso, the end result is a strong, somewhat bitter brew. The word “espresso” refers to the form of fine grinding that must be used to create perfect espresso shots.

Is coffee a calorie-free beverage?

By itself, almost; there’s about one calorie in a standard eight-ounce cup of black coffee. Sugar, creamer or milk, and syrups are where any major calories come from. So, if you’re looking to slash your caloric intake, skip the sweet stuff and learn to drink your coffee without any extras.

What’s the best way to store coffee beans?

If you buy coffee beans to grind yourself, the best way to store them is in a sealed, glass container, like a mason jar. They should also be kept away from direct sunlight in a cool spot; inside a cabinet is perfect. Use fresh beans no more than two weeks after you purchase them for the best flavor.

How do dark, medium, and light roasts differ from each other?

This is a great question and the short answer is simple: the longer coffee beans are roasted, the darker, and less caffeinated, the final brew will be. Somewhat counter-intuitively, blond roasts actually contain more caffeine than bold, intense dark roasts.

Which countries drink the most coffee?

In terms of total coffee consumed, the United States and Brazil are more-or-less tied for first place. Per capita, though, Finland leads the list, followed by Scandinavian neighbors Norway and the Netherlands.

Coffee is truly a truly fascinating drink with more cultural meaning than most beverages could ever hope to have. In many nations, in fact, brewing (and drinking!) coffee is almost an art form. We hope this has spurred your curiosity and you will spend more time learning about the history of this intriguing beverage.  Visit us at one of our locations to sip on some coffee & grab a pastry!


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