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A Guide to Italian Coffee

While there are plenty of coffee brands around, most consumers have adjusted to the cheaper drive-thru options which are riddled with sugars and fats. If you’re a true coffee lover, however, you’ll be seeking top of the line coffee to wake you up in the morning. There’s no doubt that Italian coffee has not only the best taste but it’s packed with caffeine to keep you going throughout the day. Let’s explore the various Italian coffees!


For those of you that have already traveled to Italy, you’ve probably noticed that sipping on coffee is a leisurely activity. Espresso is often the go to beverage at Italian coffee shops and while it’s often served in a smaller cup, it really packs a punch. Espresso has hot water added to it, creating a much stronger drink than the standard coffee you receive in the U.S.

Caffé Macchiato

This is essentially espresso but with a hint of milk.  There are various types of macchiatos such as the Macchiato Caldo which includes steamed milk, Macchiato Freddo has cold milk and the Macchiato con Schiuma di Latte that has froth milk.

Caffé Americano 

Typically served in a large glass, this sweet beverage is weaker than espresso but stronger than American coffee.  The Caffé Americano also consists of espresso and hot water is added after the brewing process.


Although many believe a Cappuccino is just espresso with steamed milk, Italians are very particular when it comes to the ingredients. Prior to pouring the frothy milk, the barista will pour 1/3 of steamed milk onto the top. You can also add cacao powder or a chocolate topping.

Caffé Latté

Another espresso beverage to add to your morning, but as opposed to the Caffé Macchiato, this drink includes milk foam on top instead of a liquid milk.

If you’re looking for Italian coffee in Boston, MA, Caffé Strega has several locations all with the best coffee in the city.

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